Your application consists of three parts: The online application, Discipline of Interest and Faculty Mentor Form, and Research Statement. Your application is not complete until these three items have been submitted. Please see below for information on how to complete these items.


The online application is hosted through Survey Monkey. Along with contact information, these are the short essay questions you will be asked. It is best to prepare your answers in a separate document and copy and paste into the survey essay box when you are ready to complete your online application. Please answer the questions in NO MORE than 250 words or 1600 characters (with spaces). Do not use bold, italics, or any special characters.

  1. Are there any factors in your background or life experience that would lead you to especially benefit from this program?
  2. If you have taken Science 10, describe what you learned that prepared you to do research in this program. If you have not yet taken Science 10, what is your understanding of the research process?

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Please describe the academic area(s) you would like to conduct research in if selected for this program. Be as broad as possible and as specific as needed. It is important to describe why you would like to do research (in general), how this will help you advance personally and professionally, and what you are hoping to gain from the experience. Include in your statement your short term and long term career goals and how you decided on these goals. Keep in mind that this will be read by a number of different faculty, who should all be able to find it informative and relevant to making a decision about hosting you in their lab. Keep in mind, that the faculty we approach on your behalf may be in a number of different departments and fields. Therefore, it is important to describe your interest in research in general rather than a particular topic. (approximately 400 words).

Send your Research Statement Form  to:

Please note, if you are invited for an interview, you will be required to bring a resume.


Briefly describe 3 areas of research interest and choose 3-5 faculty mentors you would be interested in working with. The list of faculty mentors are on page 2 of the Discipline of Interest and Faculty Mentor Form. For each chosen faculty member, describe why you are interested in joining their lab this summer. Please consider that the faculty reading your brief statement will be comparing your stated interest with their research, as well as the coursework you have done to prepare you. If there is a disconnect between your major / course work and the field of research you would like to work in, please describe that. We will do our best to match you with a faculty of your choosing, or one who we feel best fits your research interests. We will prioritize matching you with a lab that will provide you with a good mentoring experience, rather than finding a perfect match to your research interests.

List your areas of research interest and the faculty you would like to work with on the Discipline of Interest & Faculty Mentor Form and submit the completed form by email to:


The Application is Now Closed