Become an SRP Mentor


UCLA Faculty who are interested in sponsoring students for the SRP-99 course must complete this online form. A confirmation email will be sent after your submission is processed.

SRP-99 Faculty Mentors must hold a tenure track (or similar) position. While post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, and other research staff can supervise & work with students, only faculty can sponsor an SRP-99 course.


If you do not currently have a MyUCLA Logon ID, visit and select the option to “CREATE A UCLA LOGON ID.”

For technical issues such as resetting your password, contact the IT Support Center at 310-267-4357 or at

Submitting Grades


All course faculty must adhere to the Grade Submission Deadlines established by the UCLA Registrar’s Office.

If no grade is submitted prior to the close of the grading period, the student will receive a grade of “NR”, or Not Reported.

Once the deadline has passed, instructors should use the Late Final Grades section of the Gradebook feature on MyUCLA to report previously unsubmitted grades on a student-by-student basis. Alternatively, instructors can use standard UCLA Report of Academic Revision forms to report late grades. A separate form must be used for each student.


All faculty should refer to the Registrar’s Office Guidebook for using Gradebook Express.


To submit a grade after the quarterly deadline, access the new late grade page through a link on the Gradebook Choice Screen (click on the link circled in red in the image below). Please click on the link rather than choosing either the Gradebook or Gradebook Express options.

SRP-99 vs Departmental 199

What is the Student Research Program (SRP-99)?
The SRP-99 course allows undergraduates to receive course credit for engaging in entry-level research experiences under the supervision of a UCLA faculty. SRP-99 is particularly suited for lower-division and first-quarter transfer students. Students who enroll in SRP-99 commit to work with a faculty for one quarter, however many students re-enroll for 2-3 quarters before pursuing upper division research courses such as departmental 196, 198, or 199 courses.

What is the Departmental 199?
The Departmental 199 is designed for students with junior or senior class standing who are engaging in more advanced, independent research projects, in most cases leading to the submission of a thesis or research paper. Most students enroll for 2-3 quarters of 199, and many departments offer this as a series (e.g. 199A, 199B, 199C). Course 198 is the honors version of the 199 and is offered for students pursuing College Honors.

Below are a list of the major differences between courses 99 and 199 so that you can better decide which course your student(s) should enroll in. Note – there are some variations by department so speak with your home department’s student affairs officer (SAO) for complete details.

Time commitment
For SRP-99, students receive 1 unit of lower division credit for 3-5 hours of work per week and 2 units for 6-10 hours of work per week.

For a departmental 199, students are expected to work a between 12-20 hours per week for 4-8 units of credit. Unit/hour guidelines are established by each department.

The schedule of hours worked is always decided in advance between the student and faculty.

Sponsoring students
Each faculty can sponsor a maximum of 10 students for SRP-99 each quarter.

For 199, the numbers vary by department.

Students enroll in SRP-99 by submitting a signed SRP contract to the Undergraduate Research Center. SRP-99 contracts are generated online on MyUCLA, signed by you, their faculty mentor, for approval, and submitted to the Undergraduate Research Center by 5:00 PM on Friday of Week 2 for official enrollment.

199 contracts are generated the same way but require both your signature as well as your department chair’s signature. Signed contracts are then submitted to the Registrar’s Office in Murphy Hall for enrollment.

SRP-99 is graded as Pass/No Pass. Grades are assigned on the basis of whether the student completed the tasks outlined in the SRP-99 course contract. There is no final assignment required to receive a grade. Grades are submitted online using the MyUCLA Gradebook.

Letter grades are used for course 199. Consult with your department chair or student affairs officer for complete grading guidelines.

For questions regarding SRP-99, contact the Undergraduate Research Center.

For departmental 199, contact the student affairs officer (SAO) in your home department.


What is expected of me as a mentor?

When sponsoring a new student for SRP-99, you should give the student background reading materials for your field of study and meet with the student periodically to keep track of the their progress.

How can I become an SRP-99 Faculty Research Mentor?

To participate in the Student Research Program (SRP-99) as a Faculty Research Mentor, you must have a current Faculty appointment at UCLA. SRP Faculty Research Mentors must hold a tenure track (or similar) position. They cannot be Post-doctoral scholars, Graduate Students, or Staff Research Associates.

To enroll in the program, you must complete this online submission form on this page. You will receive a confirmation email from when you have been successfully added.

Do I have to renew my participation as an SRP Faculty Research Mentor?

No, your participation in SRP-99 as a Faculty Research Mentor is valid for the duration of your employment at UCLA.

If your appointment information (change or add departments) or work information (office location, phone number, etc.) changes, please email us at so we can update your information on file.

How many hours per week should students be working for SRP-99?

SRP-99 is designed for entry level research experiences for undergraduates conducting research 3-10 hours per week. If an undergraduate in your research lab or group is working more than 10 hours per week, you should consider sponsoring them for an upper division research course (196, 198, or 199). Consult an academic counselor or SAO in your home department for more information.

How do I submit a grade for students in my lab?

Please see the “submitting grades” tab on this page

When are grades due for SRP?

The deadline to submit grades for all courses is one week after the end of finals week. If no grade is submitted prior to the close of the grading period, the student will receive a grade of “NR”, or Not Reported.

Can someone else sign a contract on my behalf? 
For a 99, the signature must belong to the faculty mentor. A graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or secretary may not sign on your behalf. The URCs will accept an email from you in lieu of a signature if you are out of town. You can email your approval to



The University has designated that undergraduates who are working with certain UCLA faculty as part of SRP-99 must complete Lab Safety Fundamentals (LSF) training prior to enrollment. LSF is a free, online course administered by the Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) office and can be completed on WorkSafe.


UCLA Policy 906 : Undergraduate Researcher Laboratory Safety (Interim Policy) applies to all UCLA undergraduate researchers.

UCLA recognizes that undergraduate students participating in research projects may not have the scientific background, technical knowledge, or practical experience to engage safely in all research activities. As a result, some research activities require additional safety requirements. Some activities that involve highly hazardous materials are prohibited.

We recommend that faculty review UCLA Policy 906 with all new undergraduate researchers to their labs/research projects.