Can Freshmen and Sophomores apply to the URFP?

Yes, freshmen and sophomores may apply to the Undergraduate Research Fellows Program. All undergraduate class levels are eligible to apply. 

Which research questions are appropriate for the URFP?

Any type of research (basic science, applied, clinical, translational, field, etc.) in the life sciences (including medicine), physical science, and engineering research disciplines are appropriate for this program. 

Can I my major/minor requirements overlap with the URFP program requirements?

Yes, the URFP is structured so that it may overlap with your regular coursework and degree requirements. Students who are completing the 198 or 199 series may apply to the URFP with their project.

This is my first quarter at UCLA and I don’t have an established GPA yet. Can still apply to the URFP?

Yes, you may apply to the URFP if you do not have an established UCLA GPA. If you are selected, your selection will be contingent on your Fall quarter GPA meeting the minimum GPA requirement.

Is computational research unfavorable compared to wet lab research?

No, computational research has no advantage or disadvantage compared to wet lab research. 

If I am involved in clinical research, am I eligible to apply?

Yes, clinical, medical, and translational research projects are eligible for this program. 

I am currently taking an SRP 99 course for my research. Does this satisfy the requirement that I "must have a current research project with a UCLA faculty” ?


Can multiple students in the same lab apply with the same project/research proposal?

Students in the same lab/group who are considering applying to the URFP are encouraged to work with their PI to structure their proposals in a way such that their projects are distinct enough from one another in one of the following dimensions:

  • Hypothesis
  • Experimental approach (techniques and/or output measures)
  • Project end-points
  • Model species/organism/cell lines etc.

Can I apply to the URFP if I am an employee in my faculty mentor’s department and being paid as a student researcher?

Student employees who are receiving compensation for their research are not eligible to participate in the URFP.


Are applications evaluated on a rolling-basis or only after the application deadline?

Applications are only processed and evaluated after the application deadline. There is no advantage to applying early or disadvantage to applying closer to the deadline. 

Are letters of recommendation required?

Letters of recommendation are not required (or accepted) for the URFP. 

How are applicants evaluated? Is it based on experience, GPA, or how well written the proposal is?

Applications are evaluated solely on the quality of the applicant’s personal statement and research proposal. 

Where do I access the application?

Beginning October 14, the URFP application will be available as a Survey on MyUCLA under the Campus Life tab. 

Can I apply with a research project that has been ongoing for a while?

Yes, students may apply with a project that has been ongoing and that they have been contributing to. Projects do not need to be 100% independent. 

I cannot see the application on the MyUCLA Survey page. What should I do?

If you do not see the Undergraduate Research Fellows Program application listed on the MyUCLA Surveys page during the application period, please email the Program Representative. Be sure to include your name and UID.


Is the URFP scholarship supposed to be used for research supplies?

No, the academic scholarship is paid through the Financial Aid Office and will be applied to your BruinBill (tuition and other quarterly fees). The scholarship is not meant to purchase supplies or equipment for your research project.

Aside from financial support, what other support does the URFP provide for participants?

Students will receive academic and professional development by completing the RES PRC 103 course in Winter quarter. The purpose of the course is to complement the research skills you are learning in your labs/groups and deepen engagement in university research. The course covers topics including but not limited to: presenting your research (oral and poster presentations), writing personal statements, the graduate school application process, and career pathways in STEM.


What is the difference between URFP and URSP?

The URFP is a two-quarter scholarship program (Winter and Spring). All students qualify for academic scholarships up to $3,000. Applications are accepted in the Fall. The program is better suited for students earlier on in the research projects. 

The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) is a three-quarter scholarship program (Fall, Winter, and Spring). The URSP awards scholarships up to $4,500 for juniors and up to $6,000 for seniors. Applications are accepted in the Spring. The program is restricted to Juniors and Seniors. 

If I get accepted for URFP, can I apply for URSP for the next year?

Yes, many students complete the URFP first then complete the URSP in the following years. 

Can I participate in both the URFP and URSP in the same academic year?

No, students who are already participating in the URSP cannot apply to the URFP in the same academic year.

The two programs are structured in a way so that they form a pipeline for students. Students may apply to the URFP, then to the URSP in the following years. Students may also apply directly to the URSP without ever completing the URFP. Students cannot complete the URSP first then apply to the URFP.