The following faculty have agreed to consider hosting an Amgen Scholar for 10 weeks in the summer. If you are not currently working in a lab with a UCLA faculty mentor, please look at this list and visit the faculty web sites. Be sure to list the faculty you are interested in working with in your faculty mentor request form. If you are a UCLA student currently working in a lab, you may continue to work in this lab over the summer. You are also welcome to search through UCLA’s departmental sites to identify other faculty that interest you.

Cai, Hua LindaAnesthesiologylink
Wang, YibinAnesthesiologylink
Vondriska, ThomasAnesthesiologylink
Chanfreau, GuillaumeBiochemistrylink
Clarke, CatherineBiochemistry and Molecular Biologylink
Clubb, RobertBiochemistry and Molecular Biologylink
De Biase, LindsayPhysiologylink
Quinlan, MargotBiochemistry and Molecular Biologylink
Di Carlo, DinoBioengineeringlink
Kohn, Donald BMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Kamei, DanielBioengineeringlink
Schmidt, JacobBioengineeringlink
Wu, BenBioengineeringlink
Kasko, AndreaBioengineeringlink
Meyer, AaronBioengineeringlink
Colicelli, JohnBiological Chemistrylink
De Robertis, Edward M.Biological Chemistrylink
Frand, AlisonBiological Chemistrylink
Guo, FengBiological Chemistrylink
Kurdistani, SiavashBiological Chemistrylink
Loo, JosephBiological Chemistrylink
Correa, StephanieIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Van der Bliek, AlexanderBiological Chemistrylink
Wohlschlegel, JamesBiological Chemistrylink
Plath, KathrinBiological Chemistrylink
Carey, MichaelBiological Chemistrylink
Hagvall, SepidehCardiac Surgerylink
Tintut, YinCardiologylink
Grody, WayneCellular & Molecular Pathologylink
Rao, Jian YuCellular & Molecular Pathologylink
Monbouquette, Harold GChemical & Biomolecular Engineeringlink
Tang, YiChemical Engineeringlink
Clarke, SteveChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Courey, AlChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Garcia-Garibay, MiguelChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Gober, JamesChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Houk, KenChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Kaner, RichardChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Koehler, CarlaChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Kwon, OhyunChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Martinson, HaroldChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Merlic, CraigChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Rubin, YvesChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Tolbert, SarahChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Gelbart, WilliamChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Harran, PatrickChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Torres, JorgeChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Garg, NeilChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Hong, WeizheBiological Chemistrylink
Rodriguez, JoseChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Nelson, HoseaChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Sletten, EllenChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Deming, TimothyChemistry & Biochemistrylink
Jay, JenniferCivil & Environmental Engineeringlink
Soatto, StefanoComputer Sciencelink
DiStefano, JosephComputer Science/Medicinelink
Jewett, AnahidDentistrylink
Spigelman, IgorDentistrylink
Wong, DavidDentistry/Oral Biology and Medicinelink
Modlin, RobertDermatology/Microbiology,
Immunology & Molecular Genetics
Fong, PeggyEcology & Evolutionary Biologylink
Savage, Van MauriceEcology & Evolutionary Biology/Biomathematicslink
Wang, KangElectrical Engineeringlink
Eckhert, CurtisEnvironmental Health Scienceslink
Dell'Angelica, EstebanHuman Geneticslink
Dipple, KatrinaHuman Geneticslink
Fan, GuopingHuman Geneticslink
Martinez-Agosto, JulianHuman Geneticslink
Nelson, StanleyHuman Geneticslink
Pajukanta, Paivi ElisabethHuman Geneticslink
Sinsheimer, JanetHuman Geneticslink
Suchard, MarcHuman Geneticslink
Vilain, EricHuman Geneticslink
Arnold, ArtIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Crosbie, RachelleIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Frye, MarkIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Phelps, PatriciaIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Schlinger, BarneyIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
White, StephanieIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Xiao, Grace XinshuIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Rowat, AmyIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Tidball, JamesIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Yang, XiaIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Hsiao, ElaineIntegrative Biology & Physiologylink
Glanzman, DavidIntegrative Biology & Physiology/Neurobiologylink
Farber, DeboraJules Stein Eye Institute - Ophthalmologylink
Yang, Xian-JieJules Stein Eye Institute - Ophthalmology/Neurobiologylink
Brent, GregoryMedicinelink
Singh, RamMedicine, Pathology and Laboratory Medicinelink
Lusis, Aldons JakeMedicine/Human Genetics/
Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
Zack, JeromeMedicine/Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Dubinett, StevenMedicine/Molecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Sternini, CatiaMedicine/Neurobiologylink
Sachs, GeorgeMedicine/Physiologylink
Demer, LindaMedicine/Physiology/Bioengineeringlink
Yang, LiliMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Black, DouglasMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Backus, KeriannBiological Chemistrylink
Cheng, GenhongMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Askary, AmjadMolecular, Cell and Developmental Biologylink
Hill, Kent L.Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Johnson, PatriciaMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Farmer, D' JuanMolecular, Cell and Developmental Biologylink
Miceli, CarrieMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Miller, Jeffrey H.Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Pyle, AprilMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Smale, StephenMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Gonen, TamirBiological Chemistrylink
Witte, OwenMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Yang, OttoMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Zhou, Z. HongMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Hallem, ElissaMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Fregoso, OliverMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Bradley, PeterMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Berk, ArnoldMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Chow, SamsonMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Graeber, ThomasMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Huang, JingMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Jiang, MeishengMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Li, HuiyingMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Melega, WilliamMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Reddy, SrinivasaMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Sun, RenMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Wu, LilyMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Nathanson, DavidMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Kaufman, DanielMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Christofk, HeatherMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Clark, PeterMolecular & Medical Pharmacologylink
Czernin, JohannesMolecular & Medical Pharmacology/Nuclear Medicine Cliniclink
Banerjee, UtpalMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Chen, Jau-NianMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Clark, AmanderMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Diener, AndrewMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Hartenstein, VolkerMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Hirsch, AnnMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
O'Sullivan, TimothyMicrobiology, Immunology, and Molecular Geneticslink
Jacobsen, StevenMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Kasamatsu, HarumiMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Lin, ChentaoMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Mikkola, HannaMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Pellegrini, MatteoMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Sagasti, AlvaroMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Nakano, AtsushiMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Jones, LeanneMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Long, JeffreyMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Goldstein, AndrewMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Coller, HilaryMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biologylink
Bisley, JamesNeurobiologylink
Dreier, LarsNeurobiologylink
Engel Jr., JeromeNeurobiologylink
Feldman, JackNeurobiologylink
Harper, RonaldNeurobiologylink
Novitch, BennettNeurobiologylink
Portera-Cailliau, CarlosNeurobiologylink
Butler, SamanthaNeurobiologylink
Brecha, NicholasNeurobiology/Medicinelink
Jen, JoannaNeurologylink
Lai, AlbertNeurologylink
Bitan, GalNeurologylink
Geschwind, DanielNeurology/Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences/
Human Genetics
Levine, MichaelNeurosciencelink
Schweizer, FelixNeurosciencelink
Golshani, PeymanNeurosciencelink
Teplow, DavidNeurosciencelink
Hovda, DavidNeurosurgerylink
Prins, MayumiNeurosurgerylink
Lane, TimothyObstetrics and Gynecology/Biological Chemistrylink
Chiappelli, FrancescoOral Biology and Medicinelink
Fiala, MilanOral Biology and Medicinelink
Lyons, KarenOrthopaedic Surgery/
Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
Baum, LindaPathology & Laboratory Medicinelink
Braun, JonathanPathology & Laboratory Medicinelink
Dawson, DavidPathology & Laboratory Medicinelink
Kelly, KathleenPathology & Laboratory Medicinelink
Teitell, MichaelPathology & Laboratory Medicinelink
Tontonoz, PeterPathology & Laboratory Medicinelink
Schiestl, RobertPathology & Laboratory Medicine/
Environmental Health Sciences
Zeltzer, LonniePediatrics/Anesthesiology/
Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
Bozovic, DoloresPhysics & Astronomylink
Abramson, JeffPhysiologylink
Khakh, BaljitPhysiologylink
Papazian, DianePhysiologylink
Ping, PeipeiPhysiologylink
Vergara, JulioPhysiologylink
Gwack, YousangPhysiologylink
Colwell, ChristopherPsychiatry & Biobehavioral Scienceslink
Small, GaryPsychiatry & Biobehavioral Scienceslink
Coppola, GiovanniPsychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences/Neurologylink
Izquierdo, AliciaPsychology - Behavioral Neurosciencelink
McBride, WilliamRadiation Oncologylink
Penichet, ManuelSurgery/
Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
Zeng, GangUrologylink
Chen, YvonneMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular Geneticslink
Braybrook, SiobhanMolecular, Cell, & Developmental Biologylink
Hevener, AndreaMedicine-Endocrinologylink
Covarrubias, AnthonyMicrobiology, Immunology, and Molecular Geneticslink
Quijada, PearlIntegrated Biology and Physiologylink
Divakaruni, Ajit Pharmacologylink
Bertholet, AmbrePhysiologylink