The application has three parts:

  1. Completion of the online SurveyMonkey application consisting of three essays:
    •  Personal statement detailing a commitment to a research-related career, what you plan to do following graduation
    • How you will you help support other women engineering and physical science students on our campus
    • Description of your previous research experience including the title of the research project, aim of the project and what you have accomplished
    • PDF Version to Preview: 2023-2024 CBL PDF Application
  2. Unofficial university transcript emailed directly to
  3.  A letter of recommendation from a faculty member at UCLA who can best assess your ability for academic research and your motivation for a research career. If your research experiences have been at a different institution, you may ask your faculty mentor at that institution to write your letter of recommendation. Only one letter of recommendation is required, but additional letters may be submitted.

To best assist the CB Luce Faculty Review Committee, faculty should discuss the following: 

  • How long and in what capacity he/she has known the applicant
  • The applicant’s motivation for a research or industry career (vs medical school or other non-research career)
  • The applicant’s qualifications and potential for research as well as academic success
  • The letter should confirm a willingness to mentor the student for the next two years in research

If there are any other insights that the faculty wishes to share, we welcome that information. Letters should be composed on departmental letterhead and emailed directly to

Clare Boothe Luce Scholars are required to complete the Laboratory Training Certification:

If you have not already completed the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts course, you will need to complete the course before the start of the program in January. Following is the direct link to the course schedule and information on how to register:  UCLA Worksafe . Once you register, please forward the registration verification email to so that it can be noted on your application.