If I am coming from another community college can I apply to the Summer Scholar program?

No, you must be transferring from Santa Monica College.

I go to SMC, how do I know if I am a part of SRI?

In order to be part of SRI you must apply at SMC. Applications will be available in Spring 2019 to apply for Fall 2019. Please go to the How to apply section of the SMC STEM website for more information.

If I am planning to go to another 4 year college or University, can I still apply?

You must have applied to UCLA for Fall 2019. If you decided to go to another 4 year institution, we will still allow you to participate in the program as long as you complete the entire 10 weeks.

If I am still an SMC student and am not applying for the Fall 2019, can I still participate in the summer scholar program?

If you are not transferring in the fall, you can still apply to the summer program. However, your acceptance will be determined on the merits of your application as well as whether or not there are spaces. Priority will be given to students who are transferring to UCLA or another 4 year institution in the fall.

If I am not a legal US resident, am I still eligible?

Yes, but you must have a work authorization card.

Do I have to live on campus in order to participate in the summer scholars program?

SMC SRI students are required to live on campus for the duration of the program.