Many departments offer upper division tutorial courses. Upper-division tutorials (numbered 196–199) offer advanced opportunities for research through faculty-supervised apprenticeships as well as honors research, directed research, and senior projects. Courses are structured by the instructor and student at the time they are initiated and are open to juniors (with a minimum 3.0 grade-point average in the major field) and seniors.

These courses are considered a “next step” in undergraduate research. It is very common for juniors and seniors to enroll in these courses after completing one to three quarters of SRP-99 with their faculty mentor.

Upper division tutorial courses generally:

  • Are taken for 3-4 units (depending on hours per week)
  • Are taken for a letter grade
  • Require a 12-16 hour per week time commitment
  • Require a final paper or thesis submission at the end of the quarter
  • Are taken as part of a series (e.g. A-B or A-C).
  • May satisfy major electives or requirements

Upper division tutorial courses are administered by academic departments, not the Undergraduate Research Centers. Specific course rules, grading, policies, and prerequisites vary by department. For more information on these courses, contact an academic counselor or Student Affairs Officer (SAO) in your faculty mentor’s department.


To enroll, students create a contract through MyUCLA and have it approved by both the instructor and department chair. Signed contracts are then submitted to the Registrar’s Office via Message Center. Do not submit any upper division tutorial contracts to the Undergraduate Research Centers.