Due March 8, 2024

The application has three parts:

  1. Online application consisting of two (2) essays;
    • Research Statement: The current research statement should be a brief summary of your research experience (introduction, hypothesis, materials & methods, Expected/Actual Results). OR If you are not currently in a research lab, please list three (3) faculty with whom you would like to work. Please elaborate on why you would like to work with these faculty specifically. Please note, the Online application can be found on students MyUCLA account, under the Campus Life tab. 
    • Personal Statement: Please elaborate on all of the following topics: your family, education, your community background, your career objectives, factors which contributed to your decision to study science, your particular area of research interest, why you wish to participate in the UC LEADS program, and how your participation may help you achieve your career goals.
  2. One letter of recommendation
    • These should be on letterhead and emailed to The letter of recommendation does not require a cover sheet.
    • If you are currently in an on campus lab, you are strongly encouraged to request your LOR from your Principle Investigator(PI). If you are not yet in a research lab, we encourage a letter writer who can speak to your strengths as a researcher.
  3. Laboratory Training Certification