BEFORE YOU APPLY: Check to see if you can participate in the entire program from Sunday, June 24 – Friday, August 30, 2024All participants must attend the program for its entire duration.

Review the program’s eligibility requirements. No exceptions are made with regards to the basic eligibility requirements.

Applicants must be:

  • U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents
  • Undergraduates enrolled in four-year colleges and universities in the U.S., Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories.
  • Sophomores (with 4 quarters or 3 semesters of college experience), Juniors and non-graduating Seniors (who are returning in the fall to continue their undergraduate experience).
  • Cumulative G.P.A. of 3.2 or above.
  • Interested in pursuing a Ph.D. or joint M.D./Ph.D.


To be considered for the program, an applicant must complete ALL the application components listed below (SPUR application + Application packet). The application components do not have to be completed in the order they are listed, but we do encourage you to contact your recommender as soon as possible about the letter of recommendation. All application materials must be received by Thursday, February 1, 2024Click here to download the Application packet. Please include your transcript attached to the end of this packet and send the completed packet to If your transcript is unable to be combined with the packet, please send it as a separate document in the same email as your application packet!

Student Submission:

  • Complete the application packet which includes the following sections: 
  1. Demographic Information: The purposes of this section are to gather contact information and other demographic information. Please fill out in its entirety paying special attention to the program dates.
  2. Personal Statement Form: The first portion of the application packet is a personal statement form. There is no separate long-form personal statement. Please fill out the designated boxes in the application packet linked above.
  3. Faculty Mentor Request Form
    Please see the Amgen Faculty for a list of potential faculty mentors. If you are a UCLA student, your faculty mentor does not need to be on this list. In this section, please enter the faculty you wish to be your mentor.
  4. Faculty Recommendations: In this portion of the application please enter the faculty name and email address who will be writing your letter of recommendation.
  5. Letter of Recommendation Waiver Form: The student will fill out and sign the Letter of Recommendation Waiver form (top portion). Only one waiver is needed for all letters being submitted. Please be sure the student and the faculty keep a copy of the waiver form after the applicant fills it out.
  6. Unofficial Transcript. Please attach your transcripts to the application packet. If there is any Social Security Number on the transcripts, please cross out (redact). Please merge the transcript with the Application Packet, any transcripts that cannot be merged due to security restrictions or technical difficulties may be submitted as a separate file in the same email as the application packet.

Faculty Submission:

Before you submit your application packet to

  • Make sure to abide by the character limits for each question.
  • Save materials in the following format, GarciaEAmgenApplication.pdf. File names must NOT contain spaces, hyphens, slashes, commas or other non-alphanumeric characters. Please note: Please save your application packet as a .pdf files or .word files.
  • Make sure your contact information and the materials are correct prior to submission to


Kimberly Mendez 
Program Representative, UCLA Amgen Scholars Program