Dr. Bryan Goldsmith (2009 cohort) Shares His Experiences in Science

Dr. Bryan Goldsmith, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan and UCLA 2009 cohort member, shares his experiences about belonging in science:


Dr. Goldsmith is also leading a new project to improve fertilizer production and reduce CO2 emissions.  Read a new article about this exciting project here: https://news.engin.umich.edu/2023/06/1-3m-to-improve-urea-fertilizer-production-and-reduce-co2-emissions/

Dr. Heather Derry-Vick (2009 cohort) joined the Center for Discovery and Innovation

Dr. Heather Derry-Vick joined the Center for Discovery and Innovation as a Research Faculty at Hackensack Meridian Health.  Dr. Derry-Vick’s laboratory examines how stress and depression interact with health conditions such as cancer. See her lab site here: https://hmh-cdi.org/en/Research/Faculty/Heather-Derry-Vick

Dr. Ni Feng (2007 cohort) Becomes Assistant Professor at Wesleyan University

Our newest faculty member from the 2007 cohort! As of January 2023, Dr. Ni Feng is a new Assistant Professor of Biology at Wesleyan University studying the neurobiology, behavior and physiology of hibernation.  Visit her lab site at:  https://fengni.weebly.com

Erin McCaffrey (2015 cohort) featured by Medical News Today

In the article, Erin McCaffrey discusses research done by Stanford University School of Medicine that shows a link between Tuberculosis and Cancer. Erin used an imaging process to map potential similarities in both Tuberculosis and Cancer

Takahiro Ohara (2011 cohort) wins the iBiology Share Your Research (SYR) Competition

Takahiro Ohara was the winner of the iBiology Share Your Research Competition in 2021. iBiology is a new platform that has open access for scientific research for scientists and other researchers.

Washington University in St. Louis interviewed Takahiro about presenting scientific presentations tips and overcoming stress and anxiety when presenting scientific research.