• March 4 – May 6, 2023
  • The application can be accessed as a Survey on MyUCLA under the “Campus Life” tab during the application period.
  • You may begin the application in advance using the prompts below. The online application is due by 12 PM/Noon. Any applications in progress at this time cannot be submitted.


  • Prepare your responses in advance using a word processing application
  • All character limits include spaces
  • Most special formatting will be lost after submission. Do not use:
    • Special indentations, spacing, or headers
    • Boldface, underlining, or italicization
    • Bullet points or lists
    • Super-or subscripts
    • Tables or images
  • All responses should be formatted as a single block of text.


  1. List any relevant awards, honors, or recognition you have received within the last two years. 1500 characters max, including spaces.
  2. List any relevant extracurricular or community activities you have participated in within the last two years. 1500 characters max, including spaces.
  3. Describe any previous research experiences you have participated in, if any. List location, dates, supervisor, and a brief description of the project. Write “N/A” if you have no previous experiences to report. Lack of research experience will not disqualify applicants from consideration. 1500 characters max, including spaces.
  4. What does “research” mean to you? 1500 characters max, including spaces.
  5. Describe an academic or socioeconomic hardship you have faced and how you overcame or are overcoming it. 2000 characters max, including spaces.
  6. How do you expect BISEP will contribute to your academic and professional goals? 2500 characters max, including spaces.