The PEERS workshops are a key component to PEERS and the program’s many benefits. Through the collaborative learning techniques used in these workshops, you will acquire strong study skills and develop support groups that will facilitate your success as an undergraduate and in your future studies.  The workshops provide in-depth exposure to the material of the introductory science courses. They facilitate bonding with your PEERS colleagues — research has shown that working collaboratively on problems leads to students with much better understanding of material and thereafter significantly better grades. The success of PEERS depends on students working together; each participant bears a responsibility to PEERS and to the other PEERS students to participate actively in the workshops and other activities.


Enrollment in workshops is REQUIRED for all PEERS students.

Each workshop is worth 1 unit, Pass/No Pass. Only one workshop of each course number will count towards your total unit cap. You MUST enroll in the workshops and not more than four absences are allowed to receive a passing grade in the class.

PEERS workshops meet twice per week for 1.5 hours (total of 3 hours/week). All workshops are scheduled between 3pm and 6pm, Monday through Thursday.