If you want to pursue undergraduate research and need accommodations, please contact the Center for Accessible Education (CAE). Students are not required to be enrolled in a course as part of your undergraduate research experience for the CAE to assist you.


The UCLA Disabilities and Computing Program offers trainings throughout the year, which go over how to make digital work more accessible to others.


Use Vischeck to check figures (charts, graphs, etc.) to make sure they are visible to people with different forms of colorblindness.

Visit this page for information on how to add alternative text to images. Alternative text provides a textual alternative to images that can be read by screen readers, allowing it to be accessible to those with visual or cognitive disabilities.

You can use this guide from the UCLA Disabilities and Computing Program to make your documents accessible for people that use screen readers.

This Web Accessibility Starter Guide provides advice on how to make websites accessible for all users.