A PEERS counselor will help you during orientation to schedule your fall quarter courses. Each quarter thereafter you will schedule an appointment with your counselor to discuss the next quarter’s enrollment.

We encourage all science students to take no more than two major courses per quarter, with the third course being a GE, writing, or non-major course. This is especially encouraged for the freshmen year, as this is a transitioning period into college during which you will need to develop good study skills in order to be a successful student.

PEERS has developed the following policy on workshops and course enrollment.

Freshmen must enroll in:

  • Research Practice 97XA – 1-unit freshman seminar, Tuesdays 1 – 2 pm taught by Dr. Barber and Dr. Hasson (Fall Quarter)
  • Two major preparation courses selected by PEERS (i.e. Chemistry, Math, Life Sciences)
  • Workshops associated your introductory chemistry, physics, math, or life sciences courses

Sophomores must enroll in:

  • Research Practice 97XB – 1-unit sophomore seminar, Thursdays 1 – 2 pm taught by Dr. Barber and Dr. Hasson (Fall Quarter)
  • Major preparation courses selected by student with guidance from PEERS counselor
  • Workshops that are associated with the science classes you are taking. Most sophomores take physics workshops.