2018-2019 URSP Scholar Itzetl Avila (left) with Graduate Student Mentor Matilde Miranda (right) in Bill Lowry’s Lab


The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) is directed through the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and administered by the Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences. URSP is a three-quarter program that supports students conducting advanced STEM research projects with a UCLA Faculty Research Mentor during the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

URSP is open to undergraduates with Junior and Senior standing. Junior scholars are eligible for scholarships of up to $4,500 and Senior scholars are eligible for scholarships of up to $6,000. Applications are accepted in the Spring.


  • 3.25 minimum GPA
  • Must have a current Research Project with a UCLA Faculty Research Mentor
  • Junior or Senior (6 quarters or 4 semesters completed) standing by the start of the program (Fall)
  • Cannot have an expected/declared graduation date earlier than Spring 2020
  • Cannot have completed the URSP more than two times
  • No citizenship requirement – undocumented and international students are welcome to apply


  • Maintain full-time status during the duration of the program
  • Conduct the proposed research project during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters
  • Enroll in a 99/196/198/199 independent research course for two of the three quarters of this program
  • Complete a departmental honors thesis or a comprehensive research paper
  • Present your research at Research Poster Day in May 2020
  • Compose a thank you letter to the donor(s) that supported your scholarship
  • Complete the post-Program Survey by Friday of Week 10. Surveys will be emailed out during Spring quarter.


  • Junior recipients qualify for scholarships up to $4,500
  • Senior recipients qualify for scholarships up to $6,000
  • Scholarships are disbursed in three equal payments over the duration of the program
  • *Important Financial Aid Implications: URSP scholarships are awarded by the UCLA Financial Aid Office. If you are receiving financial aid, your package may be adjusted to ensure you do not exceed your financial need and the cost of attendance. Check with the Financial Aid Office to see if you can accept this scholarship


  • May 15 – June 20
  • The application can be accessed as a Survey on MyUCLA under the “Campus Life” tab. See the Application page for more information.


Alec Hernandez
URSP Program Representative