• October 15 – November 15
  • The application can be accessed as a Survey on MyUCLA under the “Campus Life” tab.
  • You may begin the application in advance using the prompts below. All application materials are due by 11:59 pm. Any applications in progress at this time cannot be submitted.


Do not use symbols, Greek letters, italicization, or boldface words in your text submission for the Personal Statement or Research Proposal. The MyUCLA Survey system being used does not support them and will convert them to incorrect characters. See example here.


  1. Personal Statement – Briefly describe how the URFP will impact your short- and long-term goals. Include any special circumstances you feel are relevant to your application. This statement is meant to place your academic record into the context of your opportunities and obstacles. 3000 characters max, including spaces.
  2. Research Proposal:
    1. Title – provide a descriptive title for your proposed research project. 100 characters max, including spaces.
    2. Proposal – describe the research project you plan to conduct during this program. If your project requires physical access to campus resources, describe how your project can be continued remotely if campus research operations are restricted during this program. Address the following sections. You do not need to use section headers. 500-3500 characters max, including spaces.
      1. Introduction – provide sufficient background such that a scientifically-literate reader can understand and appreciate the work being described
      2. Hypothesis – describe the questions you will be addressing or that your project will test
      3. Materials and Methods – describe the tasks you will be performing, including laboratory techniques and equipment you will be learning and applying to address your hypothesis. Explain the type of data you will be collecting, if applicable.
      4. Expected Results – explain the predicted outcome based on your hypothesis and methods
    3. Works Cited (optional) – List any literature references you cited in your research proposal. 1500 characters max, including spaces.