Applications for the CARE Fellows Program are usually available every quarter, including summer. Please make sure that you are using the application for the upcoming quarter.

Important Disclaimer Regarding Summer 2020 Eligibility: Since UCLA has yet to make any final announcements regarding on-campus research this summer or the return of normal research operations, applicants must be able to do research remotely (ex. data analysis, bioinformatics, modeling, etc.) during summer 2020 to be eligible for the CARE Fellows Program.

Summer 2020 Application Deadline: 5 PM on Mon, June 29

Quarterly CARE Fellows Application

A complete application must include the following

  • Updated “unofficial” transcript, DPR or DARS. If submitting a DARS report, print the “PDF Audit.”
  • 1-2 page research proposal. You will discuss your motivation to do research and describe what you hope to accomplish. See application for a detailed description of how to write the proposal.
  • Certificates of completed safety and/or animal use trainings

Your faculty mentor (i.e PI) can electronically sign your application or email to confirm their support of your application.

Incomplete and/or illegible applications will not be reviewed. Make sure that you have completed every item on the application legibly. All communication will be sent via e-mail.

All documents must be submitted via email to:
CARE Fellows Program 

For information on finding a faculty mentor, eligibility, and writing an extended abstract contact:
Dr. Tama Hasson
URC-Sciences Director