Are you looking to pay an undergraduate student researcher who is volunteering in your lab? Check out the options below:


You may hire your undergraduate student through your lab’s department. As an employee, students will receive compensation through payroll; earnings are taxable. For more information on how to hire an undergraduate as a student researcher, contact your department’s HR team. If your student has work study or is LAEP eligible, see below for additional hiring options.

Work Study positions

Students with work study can be hired for work study positions. Work study covers a percentage of the student’s compensation. For more information about how to offer a work study position, click here.

If your student is looking for resources about work study, direct them to this page.

Learning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) positions

Students that are LAEP eligible can be hired for LAEP-funded positions. LAEP positions are fully funded through work study and do not require financial support by the faculty. Click here to learn more and find the step-by-step process for creating jobs and hiring students under LAEP.

If your student is looking for resources about LAEP, direct them to this page.

Note: UCLA Health Faculty (David Geffen School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, and School of Nursing) are not eligible to hire students through the LAEP program.


You can encourage your undergraduate researcher to apply for scholarships offered by their department or by our Center (see “Programs and Scholarships” tab). You can also work with your department or with our Center to create a stipend/scholarship. Scholarships are disbursed through UCLA Financial Aid & Scholarships and Student Accounts.

Note: If your undergraduate researcher is receiving financial aid, their package may be adjusted so they do not exceed their financial need or cost of attendance. We suggest that they check with UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships to see if they can accept a given scholarship/stipend before applying.