Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Center!

The Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences serves students and faculty in all areas of life and physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Our primary mission is to promote, develop, and celebrate undergraduate student research with the overall goal of enhancing undergraduate education and preparing students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, for academic and research careers.

Through experiencing the processes of scholarly discovery and dissemination of their results, students become fully engaged members of the community. Our mission is to support and increase the retention of science majors in all disciplines by enhancing the visibility, prestige, and material support for participation in undergraduate research and creative activities, both for students and faculty. Research takes different forms in different disciplines; however, in all disciplines, research involves creative activities and meaningful research produces results that are worthy of communication to others. Undergraduate research involves the close collaboration between a student and a faculty mentor as well as other members of their research group. We achieve our mission through various federal-, state- and donor-supported programs including those that aid students facing socioeconomic, academic, and other challenges.

Our hope is that you find what you need to support your interests in undergraduate research here on this site.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


Dr. Tama Hasson
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research
Director, Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences