Megan Williams

Meet recent UCLA graduate, Megan Williams, who majored in Mechanical Engineering. Megan recently published a paper based on her undergraduate research conducted in Dr. Laurent Pilon’s lab in the UCLA Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. “Effect of dew and rain on photovoltaic solar cell performances” is published in Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells.

Post graduation, Megan has started working at Abbott as a systems engineer in the Cardiac Rhythm Management division. Her R&D work focuses on implantable medical devices that monitor and manage irregular heart rhythms in patients.


How did you first get involved in your research project?

At the beginning of my third year at UCLA I wanted to get involved in a research lab, so I looked into different labs within the Mechanical Engineering department and was interested in the ongoing projects in Prof. Laurent Pilon’s lab. Thus, I reached out to Prof. Pilon and we scheduled a meeting with me to discuss my interests further. I expressed that I was especially interested in performing experimental research, so he partnered me with one of his PhD students, Eylul Simsek, and I began helping with their droplet studies.

How would you describe your research experience at UCLA?

I enjoyed my research experience at UCLA. Through my time in Prof. Pilon’s lab, I was able to gain hands-on engineering and research experience outside of the classroom, which strengthened my overall technical skills as an engineer. In addition, I met a lot of people through my work in the lab and gained mentorship from Prof. Pilon and Eylul.


What is one piece of advice you have for other students thinking about getting involved in research?

My biggest piece of advice is to look into different labs on campus and reach out to any professors or graduate students you’re interested in working with! A lot of people are looking for extra help in their labs, so don’t feel afraid to put yourself out there and reach out.


What are your future career goals?

Currently, I’m working at Abbott as a systems engineer in their Cardiac Rhythm Management division. So far, I’m loving my new job and I’m very interested in the innovation currently taking place in the medical technologies field, so my future career goals involve continued R&D work on medical devices.