What is URFP?

The Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (URFP) is a two-quarter program intended for beginner level researchers. URF runs during winter and spring quarters, and program participants will take the course HC101A in the winter, which will introduce them to career options in research as well as provide professional development. Students of any standing are eligible to apply, but may only recieve the award once.

What is URSP?

The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) is a funded scholarship program for juniors and seniors committed to fulfilling the requirements of a comprehensive independent research project for a full academic year: fall, winter and spring.

What is a comprehensive independent research project?

A comprehensive independent research project is an upper division research project associated with enrollment in a departmental 199, 198 or 196 for 2 quarters. This project must be done in the lab of a UCLA faculty member. 199, 198 and 196 are departmental contract courses.



Recipients must do research for two quarters which must be part of a 99, 199, 198 or 196 course, and absolutely must participate in and pass the HC101A course during winter quarter. No exceptions will be granted, and recipients who fail to meet this requirement will be removed from the program. Additionally, recipients must either present their findings at the URC-Sciences Research Poster Day or write and submit an electronic copy of a research summary for their project in the spring. A thank you note to the donor that supported the research project is also required.


Recipients must do research for three quarters (two of which must be part of a 99, 199, 198 or 196 course) and to present their findings at the URC-Sciences Research Poster Day. During the end of spring quarter, recipients must write and submit an electronic copy of a written departmental honors thesis or a comprehensive research paper. Additionally, a thank you note to the donor that supported the research project is required.


What is the scholarship amount of the URFP?

The URFP awards $2000 divided equally over winter and spring quarters.

What is the scholarship amount of the URSP?

Juniors will receive up to $3000 while seniors may recieve up to $5000. Award will be divided equally between fall, winter and spring quarters.

Do I have to be eligible for financial aid before I can apply to these programs?

No, there is no requirement of financial aid eligibility.

Does receiving financial aid package affect the scholarship amount?

The URSP and URFP awards will be part of your overall financial aid package. This means that if you receive an award, the Financial Aid office will adjust your financial aid package to ensure that you do not exceed your financial aid eligibility. If such an adjustment is made, loans and work-study award are reduced first, prior to grant or other scholarship reductions.

If I have submitted the FAFSA but haven’t got the Award Letter yet, what do I need to turn in with my application?

Your financial aid information is automatically provided by the system when you apply. There is no need to submit any additional information.

Will I receive both credit and funding if I am enrolled in a departmental 199, 198 or 196?

You will receive both credit and funding if you are selected as a recipient of the URSP or URFP award.

Would receiving the URSP or URFP awards cause any reductions in my current funding scholarship if I am a Regents Scholar?

Regents Scholars are unable to receive any additional scholarship funds. However, if deemed eligible for the award(s), the comittee may award a Honorary URSP or URFP title. Honorary recipients are formally recognized as part of the program and participate fully in the requirements and activities associated with their award, but do not recieve additional funding.


Am I still eligible to apply if my units exceed the requirement of 175 units by the application quarter?

Any student that will remain enrolled full time for the duration of their award period is eligible to apply.

I am graduating in early. Am I still eligible?

URSP and URFP recipients must commit to remaining enrolled full time for the duration of their award period (winter and spring for URFP; fall winter, and spring for URSP). Students who do not meet this criteria are ineligible.


Can I re-apply to URFP if I’ve already received the scholarship?

No, students may only recieve the URFP once.

What Lab Safety courses are required for me to participate in URSP/URFP?

If your lab requires you to complete Laboratory Safety and Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) Training, we ask that students attach a proof of completion with their program contract upon acceptance into the program.

Am I allowed to be a recipient of the URSP this year if I received the scholarship last year?

Yes. If you were a junior last year, and you will be a senior for the upcoming year, you are eligible to reapply for the URSP award.

Can I turn in a paper copy of my application?

All applications must be completed online through myUCLA. There will be no exceptions. Please be sure to submit your application at least 20 minutes before the deadline to ensure that you are not locked out of the system at the last moment.

How do I submit my application online?

You can submit your application electronically by clicking the direct link below:

URSP application on MyUCLA


Log on to myUCLA and click on the “survey” icon. Then click on the “URSP application”.

What should I do if I do not see my mentor’s name on the drop-down list?

You should IMMEDIATELY contact your mentor and ask him/her to fill out the Faculty Participation Form .

Either fax it to 310-267-2219 or bring it in to 2121 Life Sciences Bldg ASAP.

To whom should my faculty submit his/her letter of reference ?

Faculty letters should be submitted by email to:

Dr. Patricia Turner
Vice Provost
Office of the Provost and Deans
College of Letters and Science

The deadline is approaching. What should I do if my mentor still hasn’t submitted my letter of recommendation?

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the faculty letter is received by Dr. Turner by the listed deadline. Please be sure to contact your faculty mentor EARLY to ensure that the letter is submitted on time on your behalf.

What should I do if I accidentally submitted a blank application on-line?

Contact the Program Representative, Renay Panduro at You will be instructed on how to proceed.


When will I be notified about my application status?

URSP decisions will be emailed in late August.

URFP decisions will be emailed in early December.