Dr. Patty Phelps receives 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Phelps, the Faculty Director for the Amgen Scholars program, receives recognition for excellence in teaching. Her interaction with Amgen Scholar, Frank Lee, is highlighted in this article.

2008 Amgen Student Sattar Khoshkhoo featured in Article on Amgen Scholars

Speaking about the Amgen program, Khoshkhoo said “It’s a great opportunity considering that last summer I did research the whole time, plus had full-time classes so I was eligible to stay on campus. This year, because of this program, I get to stay on campus and do full-time research without worrying about classes. Also, Amgen offers a lot of support.”

2009 & 2010 Amgen Alumni awarded Best Podium Presentation

Two Amgen alumni, Chris Arakawa (2009 cohort) and Shivani Dharmaraja (2010 cohort) were recognized with a group of undergraduate researchers awarded Best Podium Presentation at the 2nd Annual UCLA Bioengineering Design Symposium.