How can I become a mentor in the Student Research Program (SRP)?

To participate in the Student Research Program as a faculty mentor you must be a current faculty member at UCLA. SRP mentors must hold a tenure track (or similar) position. They cannot be postdocs, graduate students, or staff research associates. To enroll in the program, you must complete a SRP faculty participation form. You can email or fax (310) 267-2219 it to the URC – Sciences office.

Do I have to renew my participation as a SRP faculty mentor?

No. Your participation is valid for entire duration of your tenure at UCLA.

How many students am I allowed to accept in my lab?

You can accept up to 10 students to work in your lab as a research assistant.

How do students enroll in SRP 99? When are SRP 99 contracts due?

For SRP 99, a student enrolls by submitting a signed SRP contract (available on MyUcla) to the appropriate Undergraduate Research Center. SRP contracts must be filed with the Undergraduate Research Center by 5:00pm Friday of second week (excluding zero week).

What is the lab safety training requirement for students in SRP 99?

The University requires all undergraduates engaging in laboratory research to enroll and complete the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts course prior to beginning research. Students enrolling in the Student Research Program course (SRP 99) with a faculty in a life science, physical science, engineering or medicine department, completion of the safety course is required before enrollment (except for students in MATH, PSYCHOLOGY or AOS departments). Proof of lab safety certification is also required for enrollment in upper division research courses (196, 198, 199).

How do I submit research postings for positions in my lab?

To submit research postings, you will need to complete the URC – Sciences template  for research positions. Once you complete it, please email the form to or fax to (310) 267-2219.

Can I use the same posting for more than one quarter?

Yes.  Please contact URC – Sciences at if you wish to repost you the same posting for future quarters.  Please be sure to update us on the number current positions in your lab and if any data in your posting has changed.

How do I submit a grade for students in my lab?

Grades are submitted through Gradebook express.  Gradebook express is available on myUCLA for faculty to submit grades.  Please see instructions for submitting grades.

What grade do students get for SRP 99?

SRP 99 is P/NP.

When are grades due for SRP?

The deadline to submit grades for all courses is one week after the end of finals week. If no grade is submitted prior to the close of the grading period, the student will receive a grade of “NR”, or Not Reported. This grade will not be changed until the faculty mentor submits a completed Missing Grade Form, available from the URC-Sciences office.