If in-person summer courses are cancelled due to COVID-19, will the program be cancelled as well?

The cancellation of summer courses does not necessarily mean the program is cancelled. We will keep all applicants updated on any news we receive about the status of the program. As of March 2020, our program is set to begin as normal in August.

Outside of the normal program hours (i.e. Mon-Thurs, 9am-4pm), do we have a heavy homework load?

No! You may need to dedicate some time to completing certain writing components of the program, but this should be very minimal.

How do you calculate your science GPA?

UCLA does not have a major GPA calculation option. You will need to calculate your science GPA manually.

Do applicants list clubs they participate in, but are not science related?

Yes, please list any clubs that speak about your culture, goals, interests, leadership skills, etc. You are also welcome to list any prior employment because this demonstrates commitment and responsibility.

Should we list any prior research experience we have had? Will this make us ineligible?

Yes, please list your research experience. From our experience, it is rare for a student to have research experience outside of a classroom setting and we don’t normally count a lab class as research experience.

From your experience, what type of housing do BISEP students normally obtain? Do they live in the dorms on the Hill?

BISEP students typically commute (i.e. live at home) or sublet an apartment close to UCLA.

Do students receive any credit for their program participation?

No they do not. This tends to be one thing students struggle, but unfortunately, we cannot offer any credit as there are no tests, homework assignments, or graded work associated with the program.

Does the program cost anything?

No! The program is completely free for each student.

How competitive is the program?

There are a number of factors that play a role in the selection process, including the number of applications received year to year.  Our best recommendation is to submit a complete application.

I’m interested in pursuing an MD. Can I apply?

We do not accept students that are exclusively interested in pursuing an MD degree alone. We are happy to accept students that are interested in attaining MD/PhD dual degrees, however.

Do you help with food or parking?

We do not pay for food or parking.

Can I take online classes while I’m in the program?

As long as you are able to commit to the time required by the program and do not engage in online coursework during that time, you are free to enroll in online classes.

Can I work while I’m in the program?

As long as your work commitments do not disrupt your engagement in the program, it is allowable to work.

Can I invite my family to the end of program poster session?

You are encouraged to invite family and friends to the poster session.