• March 30- May 18, 2020
  • The application can be accessed here.
  • You may begin the application in advanced using the prompts below. All application materials are due by 11:59pm. Any applications still in progress at this time cannot be submitted.


Background Questions

  1. List any relevant honors, awards, prizes, or recognition you have received within the last 2 years.
  2. List any relevant extracurricular and community activities you have participated in within the last 2 years. Indicate dates and duration.
  3. Describe any previous research experiences you have had, if any. List location, dates, supervisor, and a brief description of the project.

Short Answer Questions

  1. How do you expect this program to contribute to your professional development and career goals? 500 words max.
  2. What does the word “science” mean to you? 200 words max.
  3. Describe an instance in which you faced an obstacle in academics or life and how you overcame that obstacle. 200 words max.