When are SRP-99 contracts due?

Signed contracts are due by 5:00 PM on Friday of Week 2 every quarter. For summer, contracts are due at 5:00 PM on Friday of Week 2 of the session you are enrolling in (A or C).

Can I enroll in more than one SRP-99 course?

No, students may only enroll in only one SRP-99 course each quarter.

If you are working on two different research projects and want to receive course credit for both, consider enrolling in an SRP-99 course for one project and in an upper division independent research course (196, 198, or 199) for the other.

When can I create an SRP-99 contract?

Contracts can be created as soon as enrollment opens. If you are creating a contract for a future quarter, make sure you select the correct quarter you want to enroll in SRP-99. We recommend creating SRP-99 contracts early to ensure you have adequate time to receive your Faculty Research Mentor’s signature before the enrollment deadline.

I cannot find my Faculty Research Mentor on the list of available SRP mentors on MyUCLA. What can I do?

If you cannot find your Faculty Research Mentor on the list when creating your SRP-99 contract, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are searching for your mentor under the correct department. You should select the Department that your Faculty Mentor has an appointment in, not your major’s home department (if they are different).
  2. Ensure you are spelling your Mentor’s name correctly.
  3. Contact the URC-Sciences’ Office (by email or phone) for further assistance. Your Faculty may not have sponsored an SRP-99 course before and they may not be in the SRP Faculty Mentor Database. If you know your Faculty has not participated in SRP-99 before, refer them to this resources page.

My Faculty Research Mentor cannot sign my SRP-99 contract before the enrollment deadline. What can I do?

We strongly encourage students to create their SRP-99 contracts as early as possible so Faculty have enough time to sign it before the enrollment deadline.

If you Faculty cannot sign the contract in time, contact the URC-Sciences’ Office for further assistance.

Can I change my units after the quarter has started?

Undergraduate students can change units on variable-unit classes using MyUCLA with no fee during the first two weeks of the term. In weeks three and four, a per-class change fee is assessed. After week four, students are charged a per-class change fee plus a per-class penalty fee. After week four, College or school approval is required to make changes.

Refer to the Registrar’s Office for more information.

How many SRP units can I take during my undergraduate career?

You can enroll in a total of 10 SRP-99 units as an undergraduate but a maximum of 6 units will apply to your graduation unit requirement. Units 7-10 will still appear on your transcript but the units will not apply to your total unit count.


What are the requirements for SRP?

  • Must have a research project with a UCLA Faculty
  • Must be in good academic standing with the University (no Holds on your account or record)
  • Must have full-time status before enrolling in SRP

Can part-time students do SRP?

Students can only enroll in SRP-99 as a part time student if they have Reduced Fee Enrollment for 3 consecutive quarters. Please see a College counselor for more information on these special petitions.

I currently have Hold on my academic record. Can I still Enroll in SRP this quarter?

No. Students who have a Hold (or do not have good academic standing) cannot enroll in SRP-99. If this has been resolved by the following quarter, you may enroll then.

I am enrolled in over 18 units, and would like to enroll in SRP 99. Is that possible?

Yes, but you need to petition to go over your maximum study list units. If this petition is approved, then we will be able to enroll you in SRP. Make sure to do this ahead of time as some petitions can take time to be processed. It must be approved when you bring us your contract.

Can I do SRP and work-study in the same lab?

Yes, as long as your SRP hours are different than your work-study hours. Please be sure to ask your faculty mentor if they has any objections.

Can I only do research in my major?

No, you may do research outside of your major. Be sure to check your major’s requirements first. Some majors require that students do research within their respective majors.


Am I required to take the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Concepts course?

Contracts have been updated to make it easier to determine which students need to attach LSFC to the contract.   If required, they will see a new section below the faculty mentor information entitled “Safety Training” with a bolded statement that reads: “Proof of Completion of the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) course is required for participation in research with this mentor.” Students who do not need to complete safety training will not have this statement appear.

How do I enroll to take the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Concepts course?

You will need to visit UCLA’s Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) website to enroll in the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Concepts course. Please visit the following site to enroll: UCLA Worksafe .

What trainings do I have to take? Which are required?

In addition to the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts course, more lab safety training may be required depending on the safety requirements of your lab. Please consult with your PI regarding additional required training. For more information on Laboratory safety training requirements please visit UCLA Worksafe .

I have taken the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Concepts course already and now plan to enroll in a contract course. Do I need to take it again?

No, unless your training has expired. An online refresher course is required upon the expiration date and every year after. Please visit Laboratory Safety Online Refresher Training .

Can I enroll in the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Concepts course if I do not have a SRP faculty mentor?

Yes. Even if you have not yet found a faculty mentor, you will still be able to enroll in Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Concepts course.

Do I have to have verification of safety training documents available at the time of enrolling my SRP 99 contract?

Yes. You must have safety training documents attached to your SRP 99 contract to enroll.

Do you accept registration confirmation emails in lieu of safety training documents?

No. Course registration documents are not acceptable for enrolling your SRP 99 contract. You must complete the training with a passing grade to enroll in SRP 99. The safety training documentation must show this.

How do I receive my score after I have taken the course?

You will need to email EH&S to request an emailed copy of your training history report. Please send your email request to training@ehs.ucla. Training scores are available two days after you complete the Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Concepts course. Please note: If your training history report is not available by the SRP 99 contract enrollment deadline, we will accept an email confirmation from EH&S that states you have completed the course with a passing grade.


When can I expect to receive my grade for SRP?

All grades must be submitted by your Faculty Research Mentor within one week after Finals Week.

Does the ‘NR’ affect me negatively?

When graduate schools see the ‘NR’ they might take a point off of your admission application but sometimes they don’t. To be on the safe side make it your responsibility to remind your faculty mentor to turn in the grade (P or NP) on time.

If you notice you have an NR, please notify our office during the next academic quarter so we can make sure it is corrected. Do not wait until years later when you are graduating; it will be too late!

What does ‘NR’ stand for?

“NR” stands for “Not Reported.” When you see this on your DPR, it means your Faculty Research Mentor did not submit your grade. In order for you to receive credit, your mentor must submit your grade through MyUCLA’s Gradebook.

If my evaluation and/or grade was submitted late, when will my DPR/transcript reflect this correction?

It will take approximately 1 week for you to see the NR replaced with a P or NP on your DPR/transcripts.


I am an Engineering student. Can I enroll in SRP?

Yes. Engineering students no longer need counselor approval before enrolling in SRP 99. This change went into effect Spring 2016. Note: Engineering students must be enrolled in at least 14 units to take a class P/NP.


Due to the campus transition to online classes, how can I submit my SRP 99 for Spring 2020?

You can submit your SRP 99 remotely through Message Center. We have created a document on how to use message center to submit your contract. You can also follow the below instructions:

  1. Log in to MyUCLA
  2. Click on the yellow “Need Help?” button in the top right hand corner
  3. Click “Message Center.”
  4. Click the green “Ask a Question” button.
  5. Select “Topic” and type “Student Research Program” in the text field. (link with myUCLA Logon)
  6. Type “SRP-99 Enrollment” in the Subject Line.
  7. Attach scanned copies of your signed SRP-99 contract and Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) certification, if required.
  8. Click “Send”
  9. You will receive a reply in the Message Center after your contract has been received and processed.