Students should only create an SRP-99 contract after a UCLA Faculty has agreed to supervise their research project.


  1. Log on to MyUCLA
  2. Click on the “Classes” tab and select “Contract Courses”
  3. Select “Submit a New Contract”
  4. Read the prompts and click “Continue”
  5. Choose the appropriate term and year from the drop-down menu and select “Student Research Program”
  6. Read the enrollment instructions carefully
  7. Select the “Subject Area” for your SRP-99 course – this is your Faculty Research Mentor’s home department and the department you will receive course credit in
  8. Read of all of the requisite requirements and click “Continue”
  9. Choose your Faculty Research Mentor from the drop-down menu
  10. Select the number of units – 1 units for 3-5 hours of work per week and 2 units for 6-10 hours of work per week
  11. In the “Course Proposal/My Research Plan” section, include the following items:
    • Inroductory background of the research project of study
    • the hypothesis of the project
    • the methods and techniques you will use to test your hypothesis
    • the type of data you will collect
    • the significance of your results
    • *Write your proposal in the first person
  12. Review your contract and agree to the terms
    • You may be required to complete Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts training and submit certification with your SRP-99 contract for enrollment
    • Review your contract to determine if this is required
  13. Print the contract and have your Faculty Research Mentor sign it
    • The “Department Chair’s Name/Signature” and the “Supervisor’s Name” are optional fields and are not required for enrollment
    • You or your Faculty Research Mentor may opt to use these fields for record keeping purposes
  14. Submit your signed contract to the URC-Sciences’ Office (LSB 2121) by the quarterly deadline