Updated September 8, 2020

Effective Fall 2020: During the process of creating a contract, MyUCLA will electronically verify the student’s Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) training status.  Students who have satisfied the training requirement will be allowed to create their contracts normally and their safety training status will be displayed on the contract.  Students who have not satisfied the training requirement will be given a link to safety training website and will not be allowed create a contract until their safety training requirement has been verified.  In most cases, verification can be done in real-time, but students will be warned that it may take up to 24 hours to verify their status after they have completed the safety training class.

SRP-99 contracts are still being accepted during remote learning. The quarterly enrollment deadline remains 5:00 PM, Friday of Week 2 . Until further notice, all contracts must be submitted online using the MyUCLA Message Center. Physical contracts will not be accepted. To submit a contract:

  1. Log in to MyUCLA
  2. Click on the yellow “Need Help?” button in the top right hand corner
  3. Click “Message Center.”
  4. Click the green “Ask a Question” button.
  5. Select “Topic” and type “Student Research Program” in the text field.
  6. Type “SRP-99 Enrollment” in the Subject Line.
  7. Attach scanned copies of your signed SRP-99 contract and Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) certification, if required.
  8. Click “Send”
  9. You will receive a reply in the Message Center after your contract has been received and processed.

SRP-99 contracts must be physically or electronically signed. Faculty who are unable to sign contracts may email confirmation to the Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences at urcsciences@college.ucla.edu. The confirmation must include the student’s name, UID, and contract number.


The SRP-99 course is a contract course. Students initiate the enrollment process on MyUCLA by generating the course contract. Students must receive their Faculty Research Mentor’s signature on the SRP-99 contract and complete the Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts course on WorkSafe, if required. Enrollment is only processed after submitting the signed SRP-99 contract, and proof of completion for Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts if required, to the URC-Sciences Office.


Students may only enroll in one SRP-99 course each quarter.

Students may only enroll in one SRP-99 course during the Summer. Students may enroll in either Session A or Session C, but not both.

Students may enroll in a cumulative total of 10 SRP-99 units. However, a maximum of 6 SRP-99 units may be applied to the graduation unit requirement. Units 7-10 will be listed on transcripts but will not count towards any graduation or major requirement.

Students cannot change the number of units for an SRP-99 course after enrollment has been processed and approved. Student who want to change the number of units for their SRP-99 course must cancel their original contract, create a new SRP-99 contract, and re-submit it.

Students should contact the Registrar’s Office for information regarding dropping or withdrawing from an SRP-99 course.


All SRP-99 contracts must be submitted by 5 PM Friday of Week 2. Enrollment is accepted quarterly and students must submit new contracts (with LSFC certification, if required) for each quarter they enroll in the course.


  1. Sign in to MyUCLA
  2. Click on the “Classes” tab and select “Contract Courses”
  3. Select “Create a new Contract”
  4. Review the instructions and click “Create a new contract”
  5. Choose the correct term & year from the drop-down menu, select “Student Research Program (SRP) – 99”, and click “Next”
  6. Read the enrollment instructions carefully and click “Next”
  7. Select your Faculty Research Mentor’s Department from the “Please select your subject area” drop-down menu and click “Next”
  8. Read of all of the requisite requirements and click “Next”
  9. Search for your Faculty Research Mentor starting with their last name. Select them from the search results and click “Next”
  10. Select the number of units you want to enroll in – 1 units for 3-5 hours of work per week and 2 units for 6-10 hours of work per week and click “Next”
  11. In the “Course Proposal/My Research Plan” section, include the following items and click “Next”
    • Introductory background of the research project of study
    • the hypothesis of the project
    • the methods and techniques you will use to test your hypothesis
    • the type of data you will collect
    • the significance of your results
    • *Write your proposal in the first person
  12. Review your contract and click “Next”
  13. Agree to all eligibility requirements and click “Continue”
  14. Click “View Contract” and print


  1. Receive your Faculty Research Mentor’s signature on the appropriate signature line
    • The “Department Chair’s Name/Signature” and the “Supervisor’s Name” are optional fields and are not required for enrollment. You and your Faculty Research Mentor may choose to use these lines to establish direct reporting procedures and for record keeping purposes.
  2. Submit your signed contract to the URC-Sciences’ Office in 2121 LSB by the quarterly deadline


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