2009 Amgen Scholar Jane Kuon beams in on cancer

Jane’s contributions in the research lab of Dr. Gerry Weinmaster resulted in the “discovery of fundamental properties of a key molecular signaling system involved with development, cancer and cardiovascular disease.” In collaboration with UC Irvine’s Elliot Botvinick, these findings were published in the journal Developmental Cell. (Courtesy of UCLA Newsroom)

Matthew McBride (2013) meets the president before starting the program

Matthew’s work with Drs. Andrew Lang of Roberts University and Antony Williams earned him a Open Notebook Science Challenge Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry, as well as an invitation to attend the White House’s Open Science Poster Session in July of 2013. (Courtesy of Drexel University)

2009 Amgen Scholar Eric Lemmon Graduates with Four Degrees!

Lemmon was the first student at McDaniel College to earn the John and Edythe Portz Award for outstanding Maryland honors students, and graduated with degrees in chemistry, biology, physics and biochemistry while maintaining a 3.9 GPA. (Courtesy of the Carroll County Times)