NOTE: The deadline to submit grades for all courses is one week after the end of finals week. If no grade is submitted prior to the close of the grading period, the student will receive a grade of “NR”, or Not Reported. This grade will not be changed until the faculty mentor submits a completed Missing Grade Form, available from the URC-Sciences office.


In order to submit the student’s grade, follow these instructions:

  • Go to  and click the Login license plate to access the login screen.
  • Click on the license plate icon to get to the MyUCLA login page. Enter your Bruin Online (BOL) login ID and password. Set the ID Type to Bruin Online. If you don’t have a BOL account, see .
  • Once you’ve logged in you’ll see a list of the classes you’re teaching this term on the right side of the screen. Find the title of the class for which you wish to submit grades and click on the “Gradebook” link to start the grade submittal process.
  • You will be asked to choose between “Gradebook” and “Gradebook Express.” Choose “Gradebook Express.”
  • If you want help entering grades into your Gradebook, click on the “Set-up Gradebook Assistants” links. You will use this feature to give your TAs and/or departmental staff access to your Gradebook.
  • If you’re ready to begin entering your grades, click on the “Enter” grades link if you plan to enter your grades one by one, or on the “Upload” grades link if you’re planning to use a text file to upload your grades to your Gradebook. Please note that some grades require a remark. Suggested remarks for each grade type are available from the “Remarks” list-box.
  • To display an expanded view of your roster (e.g., wait-listed and dropped students) or to record a comment to a student, click on “Options” and choose the appropriate view.
  • After you have entered all the grades and required remarks, click “Review and Submit.” Please note that you will not be able to submit your grades until you’ve entered a grade for every student on your roster.
  • Review the grades and remarks. If you need to correct a grade or remark, click either the “Enter” or “Upload” link. Make your corrections, and then click “Review and Submit.”
  • Once you’ve reviewed your grades and are ready to proceed with the grade submittal process, click the “Submit Final Grades to Registrar” button.
  • If your transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation page complete with your confirmation number and a record of the grades you submitted to the Registrar. Please print a copy for your records.

If you already have an account but don’t recall your password, please call 310.825.7452 or visit 124 Kerckhoff Hall to have it reset.


To submit a grade after the quarterly deadline, access the new late grade page through a link on the Gradebook Choice Screen (click on the link circled in red in the image below). Please click on the link rather than choosing either the Gradebook or Gradebook Express options.