UCLA Policy 906 : Undergraduate Researcher Laboratory Safety (Interim Policy) applies to all UCLA undergraduate researchers.

UCLA recognizes that undergraduate students participating in research projects may not have the scientific background, technical knowledge, or practical experience to engage safely in all research activities. As a result, some research activities require additional safety requirements. Some activities that involve highly hazardous materials are prohibited.

We recommend that all students review UCLA Policy 906 prior to beginning research activities and that they  consult with their PI/Faculty about what safety training(s) are required.


The University has designated that undergraduates who are working with certain UCLA Faculty as part of SRP-99 must complete and submit certification for Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) training with their SRP-99 contract for enrollment. LSFC is a free, online course administered by the Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) office and can be completed on WorkSafe.

Description: This module will provide an overview of laboratory safety requirements, and is required by all laboratory personnel. Topics of discussion include: the recognition and mitigation of laboratory hazards; the use of engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment; working safety with chemicals, the use of SDSs, procedures for disposing of hazardous chemical waste, and fire safety precautions for the laboratory. This course is the initial training offered for Lab Safety and only taken once. 

Students who require this certification will see a “Safety Training” notification on their SRP-99 contract.

Students must submit a hard copy, valid certificate of completion with their quarterly SRP-99 contract for enrollment. Enrollment will not be processed without certification.

Students will receive a notification prior to their certification expiring and will be required to complete a refresher course to maintain their certification.

For assistance, visit the FAQ page on WorkSafe or email: training@ehs.ucla.edu.


  1. Visit WorkSafe and log on with your MyUCLA credentials
  2. Select “Course Catalog” on the left-hand menu bar
  3. Select “Online Course Catalog”
  4. Find and select “LAB-LSFC-OL (Laboratory Safety Fundamentals)”
  5. Launch the course


The Lab Safety Fundamentals Refresher (LAB-LABOR) course can only be taken after completing the Lab Safety Fundamentals course.

Description: Required for laboratory personnel, this annual refresher course reviews the fundamentals of laboratory safety, chemical safety, and general safety for the laboratory setting. This course is the refresher training offered for Lab Safety and is required annually.


  1. Visit WorkSafe and log on with your MyUCLA credentials
  2. Select “My Transcript” on the left-hand menu bar
  3. Click on the Print icon to print a transcript of all completed training
    • Alternatively, you can print the Certificate of Completion for LSFC only
  4. Submit this transcript with your SRP-99 contract for enrollment